Nondestructive testing – Control – Inspection

What are we doing?

What are we doing?

The main activity of company WELDINSPECT is service in the area of non-destructive testing. Almost 100{d22bf0aed1a8b756d987e706fdd154b92d43efb3692dd6e637c39dc421c77373} of work is done in customer workshop. We are trying to responde very fast and flexible to engineering companies‘ needs and requirement all over the Czech Republic. At this time we are preparing expanding of service in welding, assistance during qualification of WPQR, controls and weld inspection.

Non-destructive testing is now of the main activity to specife product quality. The goal is to check, if the part, product or part of product has no deviation from normative standards. If yes, then determinate their feature and position.

Detection, identification and localization present diagnostic technical condition of testing object. For fulfillment of this goal NDT is using many fyzical phenomenon and principals.

As the first NDT was discover of X-ray in 8th November 1895, which make available to look inside to object without any drilling and any destroying.

According to production documentation, necessary for testing, are usually used tests focused on searching superficial and internal defects in product. Most of these defects are caused during production of half-finished product (f.e. rolling) and their occurence can caused destruction of final product. As typical example we can state cracks in weld, as concentrator of tension. This can caused destruction of dynamic stressed construction, for example on bridges.

inspection of welds

Is searching of superficial and internal defects of welds by using of MT, PT, UT, RT methods. Inspections is used in every stage of unfinished welds and complete weldments too.

Inspection of castings

Is searching of superficial and internal defects of castings by using MT, PT, UT, RT methods. Interoperative inspection before thermal processing, final inspection before dispatch. We have many experience with castings from high-alloyed metal and austenized metal too.

Inspection of forgings

Is searching of superficial and internal defects of castings by using MT, PT, UT, RT methods. We have experience with small forgings as bolts, nuts and screws and with big forgings too as shafts and pinions. The best was how to search the defect „ forging cross“ is by UT method.

Inspection of welding process

Our company start to offer new service connect with welding. Now is possible to make inspection during production, weld control, welder’s verification. We help companies to get necessary qualification WPQR and create procedures for welding WPS.


Certificate MT, RT – APC


Diploma IWT


Diploma IWI-C

International Welding Inspector

Certificate PT – TUV NORD


Certificate ČD V95/5


Authorization SŽDC k NDT


Certificate UT – REAKTORTEST



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